We like to understand the "big picture" of an acquisition. Schwartz Advisors often times will work with clients before the acquisition process starts to make sure the acquisition strategy supports and enhances overall corporate strategy. At Schwartz Advisors we work with both financial and strategic buyers to:

  • Develop acquisition strategy
  • Identify high impact aftermarket acquisition targets
  • Develop investment thesis and address question of why should an acquisition be made (or not made)
  • As a result of our experience in the automotive aftermarket, we are often able to make discreet contact with business owners and management teams regarding potential acquisition activity
  • Work on acquisition due diligence team

The Schwartz Advisors team has the operating experience, aftermarket industry know-how and M&A experience to help financial and strategic buyers understand how to create value in the automotive aftermarket through the M&A process. What are the trends in the aftermarket? What will the competitive response be to an acquisition? What are the distribution channel dynamics? Are there technological considerations for target companies and products that will "make or break" an acquisition? Is the target acquisition going to be a value creator for the buyer, or will it be a drain on resources and capital for the buyer? Schwartz Advisors has the industry experience and insight to answer these questions.

After the acquisition we stay with clients to create integration plans to address the incorporation of different systems, processes, procedures, and most importantly, different corporate cultures. We help identify the overlapping functional services between the acquisition and their current team and build communication programs to help retain their key employees and key customers.

  • Identification and prioritization of potential acquisition opportunities
  • Strategic planning and market research
  • Advice and education for investment firms on industry trends and research
  • Project management to support acquisition activities
  • Discreet contact with potential sellers or sellers' representatives
  • Support in developing the most effective negotiating strategy for each situation
  • Business due diligence

"We have often been players in, customers of and competitors to the companies our clients are seeking to buy. That's unique insight."


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