You just completed an acquisition only to find out that the President of one of its divisions is leaving to start his own business.

Your due diligence missed the fact that a whole line of equipment does not meet your corporate safety standards and you need quick management action to get it into compliance.

You don't have the time or the talent inside your four walls to fill in the blanks.

Our partners are industry veterans who can step in to many C-Level roles in an organization to right the course and set up a smooth transition. We have flexible players who can set up shop anywhere in the world for the time it takes to get a situation under control and ready for attracting a more permanent solution.

We can fill interim CEO, COO, CFO, VP Sales and VP Operations roles depending on the availability of our partners at the moment of your need. If we can help -- we will.

Sometimes a fresh set of eyes, a unique expertise or a steadying voice is all the difference in rallying the team. Schwartz Advisor Partners will join your team.


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