You have no doubt heard the term "been there – done that". In the automotive aftermarket, Schwartz Advisors can bring clients an impressive amount of "been there – done that" experience. But we pride ourselves most in bringing them "going there – doing that" relevance in today's fast changing market.

We recently tallied the collective years of aftermarket experience of our SA Partners – the number is 150 years. Then we looked at the backgrounds of our Associates Network – that equals 250 years! We draw from that seriously deep well to act as a trusted advisor to automotive aftermarket clients facing significant challenges.

We believe in working fast. Our clients are not spending time and money paying us for learning curve – we know the industry inside and out. They are not interested in PowerPoint decks full of MBA charts – we understand root cause and relevance and get right to the point. They don't want a list of possible scenarios – we bring an informed point of view.

We love the automotive aftermarket, the people in it and the potential it holds. We work every project as though it is the most important thing happening right now. Because it is.


Company Challenges

Due diligence is more about insight than it is about grinding out the numbers. So our approach is to lead our due diligence support efforts with people who ...


Interim C-Level

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Due Diligence

With the significant collective experience held by our partners and associates, you might think that Schwartz Advisors can be all things to all people. We take the opposite ...

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