Growth Strategy

Profitable growth is both a goal and a challenge for any business, but never more so than in today's rapidly changing marketplace. As true industry insiders, SA helps companies create solid, actionable strategic and tactical approaches to growth - always based on a foundation of expertise and a finely tuned understanding of industry nuance. We have the experience and connections to identify new channels, evaluate existing go-to-market strategies, analyze product portfolios, anticipate competitive threats and devise a game plan based on differentiated  and sustainable competitive advantages.

Our clients have access to SA's passionate aftermarket leaders, who insist on data-driven analysis to drive tangible business results.  Our project teams are carefully aligned with client goals, with team members chosen based on specific aftermarket areas of expertise.  Clients get deeply engaged in SA's workshop process which uses six proven steps to unlock transformative change leading to real value generation. We work hard to complement the structure, culture and business goals of each client while simultaneously challenging the status quo and breaking down barriers to change.