Lots of companies can apply teams to the due diligence process and analysis of the options in an acquisition or sale. But Schwartz Advisors offers something different. We know the backgrounds of the players in the automotive aftermarket. We know what they value and what they don't. So our reports are more than a listing of the financial data. We seek opportunities at every turn to provide true insight into why someone would want to sell their business, or someone would want to buy our client's business. We provide clients with insight gained from experience.

Pre Deal:

  • Develop acquisition strategy designed to add value for client companies
  • Integrate recommended acquisition strategy into overall corporate business strategy
  • Identify and evaluate acquisition targets
  • Disciplined process to identify and assess acquisition targets for alignment with the client's business strategy
  • Prepare thorough investment thesis for client
  • Make introductions to Private Equity Groups, Investment Banks, and other financial partners
  • Perform business due diligence on acquisition targets, and project manage all due diligence activities
  • Develop operating plan and recommended operational structure for acquisition target

Post Deal:

  • Create thorough integration plan before a transaction is completed to addresses incorporation of different systems, processes, procedures, and most importantly - different corporate cultures.
  • Identification of overlapping functional services between acquisition target and acquiring company; perform assessment of needs and recommend which systems to move forward with
  • Develop project status reports, budgets, personnel needs assessment, operating plans, and other functional requirements for integration project
  • Provide documentation on all integration services
  • Implement communication plan to encourage retention of key employees and key customers

"Due diligence to make informed decisions. Consulting support to put those decisions to work."


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