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The Future of Your Business:

What are Your Options?

The distribution landscape has undergone tremendous change over the last several years. As we’ve noted in previous posts, the competition in our industry continues to increase, with the large parts distributors continuing to get bigger, internet distributors beginning to make their mark, and even private equity entering the market and pursuing aggressive growth.

This creates challenges and opportunities for traditional warehouse distributors as they think about their future. The one thing that does appear certain is that keeping things the same is not a long-term option.

So, what are your options?

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What’s My Business Worth?

Considering the “big picture” of your company’s value is essential in maximizing the return from the years of hard work you have invested in your business. If you are thinking about selling, reaching out to an automotive aftermarket expert like Schwartz Advisors should be your first step in making sure that your big picture is in perfect focus.

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The Amazon Effect

What impact will Amazon, Rock Auto and others have on retail and traditional brick and mortar commercial programs? SA believes this competition should not be overlooked—the impact will be significant, but it will take time

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The New Automotive Acronym

Electric Drive. The Autonomous Vehicle Future. Global Trade. World Demographics. There are many forces driving change in the automotive aftermarket but SA would argue that Business Model Transformation (BMT) may be the issue that truly challenges the traditional aftermarket parts and service industry. BMT refers to how vehicle ownership and service will change in the future. From car sharing platforms to fractional ownership to Transportation as a Service the idea of large fleet owners making vehicles available through subscriptions can scare independent service shops and parts suppliers as they think about how service will be supplied. In this paper, SA highlights some of the leaders in BMT.

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Are you ready to sell your business?

We know from the work we do with small and mid-market sized companies that many business owners have some notion of selling their companies but have not thought through the steps required to position themselves for maximum value. We use this simple flow chart to ask business owners about their future plans.

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Electric Drive and Electrification — How They Will Affect the Aftermarket

How will electric drive vehicles impact the industry? This briefing reviews the emergence of electric drive vehicles and how this technology might affect the aftermarket in the coming years.

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Challenging Market Trends Create WD Opportunity

When is the right time to consider an ownership transition? The SA team of aftermarket experts closely monitors the industry for opportunities for our clients, and we think today’s environment poses significant challenges to privately held WDs – and creates opportunities. This briefing outlines some key thoughts on distributor profitability and the possibility of company transition.

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Life After Business

Is it time for you to consider selling your aftermarket distribution business? Do you have a plan for what you are going to do after that happens? SA works with business owners to help them plan for life after business.

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Investing in the Aftermarket?

SA guides clients through a checklist of five things to consider and two to avoid when considering an acquisition or investment in the automotive aftermarket. The list helps investors keep the big picture in perspective as they focus on the details.

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Traveling at Aftermarket Speed

The automotive aftermarket is moving quickly these days and there is considerable interest in the distribution space from investors from both outside and inside the industry. Distribution valuations are high, and multiples are currently very strong. This environment won’t last forever, so it makes sense for even the strongest WDs to carefully assess and understand what the value of their business might be. Learn how Schwartz Advisors can help in that evaluation.

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