Managing Partner

The aftermarket looks to Managing Partner Derek Kaufman when it wants to know “what’s next.” An engineer by education and passion, he started his automotive career as a manufacturing process engineer with the Chevrolet Division of General Motors after his graduation from General Motors Institute.

His career includes executive positions with Euclid Trucks, Freightliner and Penske Corporation and entrepreneurship in the formation of his own company. As president of Penske Corporation’s Diesel Technology Company (DTC), Derek led the DTC team to produce electronically controlled fuel injection for both Detroit Diesel and EMD locomotives in the USA and form a global partnership with Robert Bosch Corporation to sell fuel systems to major European truck manufacturers.

Derek also served the Penske organization as Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Customer Support for Hino Trucks and VP Administration of Penske’s smartUSA smart car distribution organization. Derek formed his C3 Network company in Grand Rapids, MI to help clients launch new products in the trucking industry and also served as CEO of Mission Motors Company, a producer of power electronics components for the automotive, powersports, commercial transportation and off-highway equipment markets.

Derek serves on the boards of several transportation related companies and speaks regularly on emerging technology in the automotive and commercial vehicle markets.

“We built SA to serve small and mid-market companies that are working on organic or acquisition growth initiatives or seeking an exit from their business. We have built a great team of motor vehicle aftermarket experts who all have operating experience in the industry.”

| Rick Schwartz, CEO, Schwartz advisors

“Transportation as a Service will significantly change the automotive aftermarket in the next five years.You’re either planning to be a TaaS player now or you’re about to be run over by an autonomous vehicle.”

| Derek Kaufman, Managing Partner, Schwartz advisors

“Selling a family owned or closely held business is much more than a financial transaction. It’s very personal and requires an approach that is fine tuned to each individual business owner. Our expertise lies in understanding both the financial and personal aspects to achieve a successful outcome.”

| Keith Zar, Managing Partner, Schwartz advisors