A Company Built on a Strong Auto Aftermarket Legacy

"There are those who will eat the dust and those who create the dust." – Mort Schwartz

Mort Schwartz has been creating dust (and a lot of company value) in the automotive aftermarket business for over 40 years. As Chairman and CEO of companies like Import Parts of America, Chanslor & Lyon and Strauss Discount Auto, Mort was the driving force behind many of the wholesale distribution and store-based retailing business models used by aftermarket companies today. And it can also be said that he was "open source" before it was cool. Mort has always looked for ways to strengthen the entire industry rather than just his companies. He has backed venture-financed automotive, retail, software and manufacturing businesses. He is a past Chairman of the Automotive Parts and Accessories Association, the Automotive Warehouse Distributors Association and the California Automotive Wholesalers Association and he founded Global Automotive Aftermarket Symposium.

As Mort's son Rick watched his dad build and manage businesses, he knew he had to go his own way to carve out his spot in the marketplace. So he worked to earn an MBA in Management & Finance from the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business, and a BA in International Relations from the University of Southern California, then took that education into several senior level positions at companies like Nestlé, Macy's and The Upper Deck Company. He also became Chief Operating Officer for IDEA Health and Fitness. Through those experiences, Rick developed a keen eye for company value and leading edge business practices.

Mort and Rick have now joined with several of the automotive aftermarket industry's most accomplished and experienced executives to create Schwartz Advisors with the goal of providing automotive aftermarket clients three things:

  1. Rapid connection to hundreds of industry leaders based on the relationships they have formed over many years.
  2. Access to a set of Schwartz Advisors partners whose industry experiences are at the highest levels of marquee businesses.
  3. First-rate analysis, reporting and consulting on Mergers, Acquisitions, new product launch, emerging technologies and general consulting.

Schwartz Advisors — we're in the business of helping you kick up some dust.