Strategic Growth

"Schwartz Advisors’ impressive knowledge and contacts yielded a deliverable that literally transformed our business."

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Ready to Grow?

As true aftermarket insiders, Schwartz Advisors helps companies create solid, actionable strategic and tactical approaches to growth - always based on a foundation of expertise and a finely tuned understanding of industry nuance. We have the experience and connections to identify new channels, evaluate existing go-to-market strategies, analyze product portfolios, anticipate competitive threats and devise a game plan based on differentiated and sustainable competitive advantages.

Growth Strategy Services

Inventory Efficiency

Do you have 99% fill rates? Are you paying fill rate penalties? Does your distribution business have the right inventory in the right place? Our inventory experts can refine your inventory for maximum efficiency.

Tech Trends

Do you want to better understand the trajectory of automotive technology and how it impacts the aftermarket? Our team of experts will show you how today's technology affects tomorrows VIO.

Due Diligence

Develop a rock-solid thesis to target the right aftermarket investment. We leverage our deep industry knowledge to you assess and drive potential acquisitions.

Value Builder

Not ready to sell your business? You still should be prepared. Our experts will evaluate your business, establish a benchmark valuation and make recommendations to present your business in the best possible light to potential buyers.

News & Insights

As industry experts, we are often called upon to offer our perspective on a variety of aftermarket topics. Below are some of our recent thoughts on the current and future state of the motor vehicle aftermarket.

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